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Providing open source tools to support DAO infrastructure and promote decentralization.

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Driven By Decentralization

At ADAO, we never stop thinking about decentralization. Our tools are designed to empower the community and promote decentralization throughout the ecosystem. We know that decentralization is a process, but we believe in the power of what we can accomplish if we work together.

With our combined efforts, organizations will be able to govern themselves in new ways and incentivize members for contributions, while staying connected globally, any time, any day. This allows for open, fair ways to participate and be heard that suit your group's needs, whenever and wherever. The decentralized communities you form using the tools that we build will ultimately be the greatest measure of our success.

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Our Mission

ADAO is a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) operating on the Cardano blockchain. By embodying the mantra of “Decentralization Together,” we hope to kindle imaginations and provide the framework and other resources for ideas to become the basis for separate autonomous entities all united by a common thread – decentralization. Community members will achieve this by voting to enact new policies and choose which best practices to adopt, from governance to funding. We are not constrained by legacy systems, but we are aided by a vision of a better future, allowing us to be agile and adaptive in our approach, seeking out solutions that can lead us to shared greatness.

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Our Tools

Our developers are building tools to help usher in what could become an era of decentralization, but they need your help. Use our tools, let us know what works well and what doesn't, and ask questions if you have them.

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Trailblazing New Systems of Governance

Every organization is different. There is no one right way to solve governance, but we're familiar with the landscape and we can work with you to determine appropriate options for yours.

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Open & Transparent Code

As part of our commitment to decentralization, our tools are for you: the community. All of our tools are available as open source code on our GitHub. If you find any issues or have improvements to suggest, please get in touch with us!

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Together we're building a more decentralized future.

We're partnering with some of the top emerging projects on Cardano that are committed to decentralization

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$ADAO Governance Token

The ADAO Governance Token is used to vote on proposals that direct the actions of ADAO as an organization. Members of the ADAO Community earn governance tokens as a bounty for work done to promote the mission and projects of the DAO. Tokens may be freely exchanged between members of the community with no restriction.
$ADAO Policy id: 5b01968867e13432afaa2f814e1d15e332d6cd0aa77e350972b0967d
The greater majority of $ADAO Governance tokens will be allocated to the treasury and governed by ADAO token holders.
This allocation will be minted into the treasury and is to be used for onboarding new members & partner projects and rewarding them for their contribution.
The amount allocated to “Initial Core Contributors” will be split evenly between the 13 core members who got ADAO where it is today.
This allocation will be distributed blockchain wide to decentralize power and interest in ADAO to the wider Cardano community.
This allocation has been earmarked as a way to reward early interest in ADAO. It will be distributed equally to ADAO Discord members who were in the server before token mint.
ADAO Staking Token

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